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Robots have been around for a while, mostly in the back of the house and industrial settings. And, I think that's where they belong. Having a robot scoot around the dining room is just not a good use case in my opinion. Food-maker robots fall into four categories, (1) Vending (2) Station (3) Autonomous and; (4) Service.

Vending robots include the more complex multi-beverage post mix soft drink boxes as well as the yogurt robots like FroYo.

Station robots include the newly minted (or trying to be) Flippy, or the more practical french fry station robot that can take the heat and doesn't mnd standing all day without a break.

Autonomous robots are all new, like myBlendid, Spyce, Sally, CafeX and the 8 years in the making, Momentum Machines' hamburger robot now called Creator, that are designed to operate completely without humans.

Service robots that are designed, at least in the restaurant context, to deliver food to tables like Bear.

There are more coming but the question beyond use case is what the business models are? To compete as a restaurant, or to partner with restaurant operators is the question.

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