Is Google Your eCommerce’s Friend or Foe?

By Michael Atkinson, Co-Founder FOHBOH

Google is a household name that many use for many different aspects of life. A user can read the news, plan travel, control your devices and smart phones, play music throughout your home all with simple voice demands. For most queries, Google search is pretty underwhelming these days. While Google is great at answering broad questions such as in the “People also ask,” box, it often lacks answers that are focused and specific to the query. In this blog Michael Atkinson, Co-Founder of FOHBOH discusses how vertical search engines are essential for both the consumers and restaurant owners.

Honing the Search Engines

In today’s world, a quick browse on the World Wide Web often results in hundreds of subject-related options. The information is often too lengthy for the consumer, resulting in frustration. More importantly, for those who have an e-commerce business, a Google search can be critical for one’s customer-driven business model. The question arises, what is the solution for improving sales and driving customers to your website? The key is defined by algorithms that understand and deliver a user-specific curated index of information. This type of specified search engine is often referred to as a "boutique search engines” or a Vertically Centered Semantic search (VCS) engine.

Have you ever been hungry for a grilled chicken sandwich or some cheesy fettuccine alfredo but unsure sure where the best places are to secure these items? A quick search on the internet most likely renders Wikipedia pages, recipes, and a few restaurants. Your stomach is growling from hunger and unfortunately, the initial quick search lacked the results you were anticipating. Unfortunately, horizontal search engines have become too vague for curated “niche” search needs.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is a fine- tuned search engine. A consumer can order and buy exactly what they wanted in a timely fashion. The search is location specific and then utilizes GEO data with to deliver results to hungry customers specific to restaurant menus that match the criteria. The food ordering query lands on the menu item you specifically wanted to eat. This is an example of what a VCS search result would find. Unlike horizontal search aggregators, vertically tuned search engines feel more like recommendation from a friend. Orderscape created this technology in 2018, published it the on Google assistant platform and proved this concept was powerful for ordering the exact food items you wanted using your voice or your thumbs.

Generating New Business

Vertically centered search engines create new business models that are not dependent on advertising. This type of search engine is designed for e-commerce and are transaction oriented. The search could connect a buyer, a seller, and produce a transaction. The value created and the services rendered includes FOHBOH’s areas of expertise:

·       Digital Marketing

·       eCommerce

·       CRM

·       Customer Acquisition

·       Customer Engagement

For example, and there may well be others, but Orderscape created a vertically centered voice-ordering solution called This solution is a customer sales and engagement channel to help with customer acquisition and engagement. The reality is, boutique vertically centered search is needed for retail, food, camping, whatever.

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