Are you familiar with the Google 6 Pack?

The Google 6 Pack is a term used to describe the top 6 search terms that pop up. The majority of users will click on one of these top 6 results and will never get to the next page of results. If you aren’t on the first page – or in the top 6 – you likely aren’t going to get any hits.

Want to get into the Google 6 Pack? Of course you do! Here are 5 tips on how to make it happen from 214 Eats, one of the best marketing firms in DFW:

Create a Google My Business Page

A Google My Business Page is free and a huge asset when it comes to boosting search results. Google uses the data from the listing – business phone number, location, hours of operation, etc. – to populate maps and local search results. Not to mention, those businesses with a GMB page are considered more trustworthy, equating to higher search rankings.

Use Clear Title Tags

Title tags are what is displayed as the bolded title when you are viewing search results. These titles are imperative to better search. Why? Because Google uses the title tags to determine the relevancy of a page. It then indexes it for better search results.  It’s also a good rule of thumb to use keywords in these title tags, but don’t overload them! Google knows when it’s being jammed with keywords. The best marketing firms in DFW recommend you stick with the most relevant one to the page the user is viewing.

Add High-Quality Content Regularly

Google is all about site depth. A shell of a site is fine, but the more information you have on the site, the better chance you have of getting into the Google 6 Pack. Try adding high-quality, engaging content regularly. This is often in the form of blog posts or event updates. This content builds on the site, creating trustworthiness as more pages are added.

Ask for Reviews

Did you know that research suggests an online review from a stranger is actually just as impactful as one from someone you know? Restaurant reviews are a big deal, and in order to get more of them, we often have to ask. Ask for reviews at your restaurant in exchange for discounts and promotions. Ask for them via social media. Reviews are important to Google in terms of ranking your business, and with more positive reviews, you just may launch into the Google 6 Pack.

Want Help Getting into the Google 6 Pack? Call FOHBOH.

Our team at FOHBOH  is one of the best marketing firms in DFW for a reason. We know the digital world and what it takes to get your restaurants recognized via search. We have helped many DFW restaurants achieve stellar results. Call us today and let’s talk about what we can do for your restaurant.