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After nearly 10 years, we evolved as a Restaurant Technology News Site

November 1, 2007

Wow, that's a long time ago. I could make this blog post much longer if I listed all that has changed since then. I'm talking about just me! Now, add everyone, well that would be a hell of a story. I do have to cite three just to give you perspective:

1. was the leading social media network

2. The iPhone was still a year away from being released

3. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat not invented yet

4. Game of Thrones wasn't even a thing

Suffice it to say, a shit-pot of change happened. It's changed me, you and probably everyone and everything this past decade. But, there are a few things that basically remained the same like the fact foodservice professionals are more readers and consumers of information than writers of original content. FohBoh has, for the past few years anyway, been evolving as a global aggregator and curator of food, tech and other such relevant content that should be of interest to all segments and all sectors of the foodservice industry. Content is king, better content wins and that fosters increased audience engagement. This is digital media 101; feed the beast what they want and they will stay close to you. So, if content is king and the community relies on community members to create content, meaning blogs (not SPAM) to share, and community members don't do that, the community has a problem. A non-content, much less, "king" content problem. Hmmm. See the issue here?

So, it's now mid-2017 and FohBoh, as the restaurant community is dated. Our members, contacts and connections prefer to read more and write less frequently so we have to change too. Moreover, we realized we have access to contextually relevant content about technology internationally and are well versed and passionate about all matters relating to restaurant technology, we made the decision to go forward with our passion not hang on to our past. So, we broke the mirror off the FohBoh Community windshield and don't plan to look back. Nope, things are changing with us and we listed to our community and advisors. The restaurant industry is changing, so let's change together.

FohBoh 2017

Restaurant technology is rapidly transforming the global restaurant industry and we are very well informed as to why and how. When? Well that's yesterday, and it's changing everything from how we dine to how restaurants are designed. Automation is the change agent for our $800 billion industry. We want to be your trusted restaurant technology expert and your go-to for news, information, events, conferences, resources, ideas and more. We plan to open a help desk to discuss restaurant technology strategy, products and solutions with any subscriber. Over time, we'll offer webinars with industry experts; on both the buy and sell side.

This is exciting for us. What's going on now in the industry will affect all segments and sectors and millions of professionals and employees. Just think about how just restaurants feed a hungry nation. To-go went from a 2% sideline to 25% of sales with Online Food Ordering and delivery. But it's what's around the corner that you need to know about too.

Please subscribe to FohBoh's inFOH newsletter. It's FREE, so really how can you say no! But, this is why you should subscribe. If you are an operator, you can probably agree with all or at least some of these operating challenges:

1. Sales are too low

2. Costs are too high

3. Staffing is difficult

4. Employee retention is low

5. Traffic is down

6. Development costs are high

7. Fill in the blank!

Technology is addressing these FOH and BOH operating challenges. If investing in a technology can create a more efficient restaurant you will win. Smarter restaurants win, period. Be smarter and subscribe to the only newsletter (that we know of) that is all about delivering relevant content about restaurant technology. It could make a difference in what you buy, and who you buy from, or help your strategy. It's FREE.

With more subscriber, we can begin to deliver even more value to help operators and non-operators alike, navigate the complex and rapidly changing world of food and restaurant technology. So, share this blog, or refer a friend to so they can subscribe too.

Here's to the next decade and embracing what's next.

Cheers, and and thank you for the last decade!

Team FohBoh

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