Explaining FOHBOH: Understand the Team That's Going to Help Grow Your Restaurant

At times, the restaurant industry can appear like one that isn't dependent on change. The formula can appear tried and true: good location and good food equate to good business. And sure, over the years there have been changes in the way that restaurants operate such as new chains that employ the franchise model, delivery apps, and restaurants that never fail to catch the latest trend. Take for example the chicken sandwich wars amongst fast-food chains. But what a lot of restaurants fail to execute is using their current sales statistics to better enhance their digital footprint. We're talking about marketing online.

We know what you may be thinking—it's another agency making promises to take a business and grow it online only to make a website and leave it dormant. At FOBOH (Front of the house meets back of house), we take a bigger approach, one that's backed by data, expert-driven techniques, and something most agencies out there are missing today—their finger on the pulse. FOBOH in essence a sports car online, and the one in the driver seat isn't a racecar driver, but instead, it's data.

Data is key when leading any marketing effort. Many agencies understand this but often fail in their ability to understand not only the data before them like restaurant sales trends and key performance indicators, but they also fail heavily in their foresight on where those numbers will go in the coming months and years. FOHBOH'S experts take their knowledge in understanding and dissecting operational data and use it so that restaurants can elevate themselves to the next level.

At FOHBOH, we understand key differences between something like simply having your brand on social media versus converting leads into people eating your food. Below explain our methodologies and our program for success.

The Assessment

When you first come to FOHBOH, you can look at your restaurant's business journey like it's a fresh start because we first give you an assessment. We don't compare you to other clients or use a one-size-fits-all method. That wouldn't work because your business differs from the rest. Our assessment is geared towards understanding what your business needs most. Our marketing specialists will sit down to understand where your organization is today and where it needs to be tomorrow. That's what we call the fun part because we get to know you better as a business.

Marketing Audit

Our next step is where things get technical with what we call a marketing audit. To better understand what your business has already done in getting the name out, our marketing audit is designed to better see what's needed for your brand and customer. Not all businesses can use the same marketing tactics to be successful and that's why we will conduct a deep dive into your existing software, strategies, and reporting systems. Once we get a picture of what you've already done, then we can execute on what needs to be done in terms of marketing.

Newly proposed execution

With the marketing audit out of the way, by this stage, FOHBOH should have a clear picture of what your business requires in terms of converting leads and getting those leads in the first place. We're acquainted and now comes the point where we can begin the execution of our strategies. Based upon your organization's objectives, we will propose to optimize & redeploy a transparent & accountable marketing plan. As we keep hammering home, it's important to align your goals with your marketing strategy and that's what this stage is all about. We present to you our course of action together. We get ready to roll it out to your potential and current customers.


At the deployment stage, we will launch our new marketing initiatives. This is where everything that we've discussed up until this point gets put out into the wild to perform. We'd say this is the most exciting phase of our program because most restaurant owners will gain a sense of pride in knowing that their efforts are about to be seen by a wider audience. Deployment is when the brand gets to be seen in its specialized way.

Reporting and Guidance

As fun as the deployment stage may have been, when we get to the reporting and guidance stage is where we get back to getting our hands dirty with data. Now comes the time where we see how just how well our campaign is doing in terms of getting new leads and conversions. We do this carefully with KPIs set and systems talking to each other, we will understand what's working based on simple data points to share and help guide new decisions. It's all about watching it work and tweaking what doesn't.

Optimization and Redeployment

Finally, our last stage will see us get back together with a report on how things are going. We then talk about what needs to be fine-tuned to get even better results. Remember back in the day where to get the best picture on the TV you had to play with the antenna a bit. That's what this stage is all about and then with those agreed-upon changes, we will optimize existing initiatives, redeploy strategies and report again on improvements.

Now that you know all about how FOHBOH helps to take your restaurant to the next level, what are you waiting for, contact us today to start the exciting journey in expanding your bran