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Dedicated to saving an industry

We helped launch a community on Slack called Restaurant Tech in December of last year. It's targeted to suppliers, vendors, developers, consultants, practitioners and professionals working in the restaurant technology sector worldwide. The goal is semi-obvious; we're in this together, so let's help each other. If we nest and network, think, share, learn and teach and share ideas collaboratively, not competitively, then should we all benefit. The more you engage, the more you will benefit from this community.

So, after 30 days we have more than 140 community members and growing. Some folks are already communicating directly with other members. Others, just surfing around seeing who's, who and who's here.

FohBoh Media ( is the host, manager, co-owner and sponsor of, and the Restaurant Tech Slack Community. Join us and connect with your peers. Together, collectively, we're changing how the restaurant industry works. Basically, technology is saving their ass; they just don't know that yet. :)

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