The coronavirus pandemic posed issues for all industries, but no surprise, the restaurant industry was hit particularly hard.

In fact, the National Restaurant Association estimated that nearly 20% of restaurants closed their doors last year due to added woes from the COVID-19 pandemic.

But even as the world continues to return to a new state of normal, there are trends we expect to stay for good. Read on to learn a few from 214 Eats, one of the best marketing firms in Dallas:

Sanitation & Cleaning Protocols

The food industry was already under high-scrutiny to keep its restaurants clean and sanitary for all. But during the pandemic, these issues became greater. While it varies from restaurant-to-restaurant, there have been loads of new restaurant protocols put into place. Expect to continue to see signs posted at restaurants, detailing their cleaning procedures. Environmentally friendly and disposable to-go containers and utensils will also be a new norm. Non-print menus are here to stay too, adding extra flexibility for restaurants to change their menu on a dime without having to reprint. We also expect to see many restaurants with dedicated cleaning and sanitation stations throughout the restaurant. All of these things will play into helping customers feels safe and secure in the new norm.

Curbside and Delivery Options

Many customers tried curbside pickup and delivery options for the first time during the pandemic, and these types of dining experiences are now a part of their life. They expect to see their favorite restaurants continue to offer these things. And this is good news for restaurants too! As one of the best marketing firms in Dallas, we think this actually is a benefit to restaurants, as it allows them to increase sales, decrease wait times in the dining room, and offer added specials and incentives for delivery or curbside options.

Customer Service

Studies are showing that when it comes to eating out, customers are valuing customer service and a meal that is worth their money. Increase the satisfaction with added customer service and communication with your guests. This can be through targeted text messaging, promotions, or even through regular communication on social media outlets.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment methods are something we are expecting to stay. These digital payment methods are easy for customers – and they save your staff time and effort as well. Not to mention, they provide opportunities to capture lead information for future communications.

Need Help with Restaurant Marketing in DFW?

214 Eats helps many restaurants across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with their digital marketing needs. As one of the best marketing firms in Dallas, our team is uniquely equipped to answer any questions about operations in since this COVID-19 pandemic and how we can help you continue to thrive in 2021 and beyond.