A key component of building a strong brand is the emotional connection. It builds close ties and makes your restaurant guests feel like they are a part of the family. Here are a few strategic tips from our team at 214 Eats, one of the best advertising firms in Dallas, on how to make that emotional connection a lasting one:

Start the Discussion

If social media is any indicator, users love sharing their opinions on…well…everything. Engage in that conversation! Start a conversation about things that are important to those who eat at your restaurant – cooking tips, favorite area entertainment spots, etc. Engaging with your audience in discussions not directly related to just “eating at your restaurant” gives them a sense of belonging. It makes your restaurant feel like a friend they can identify with and that’s huge for building a lasting bond.

Get Personal

Remember, one of the best ways to forge a connection is to be more personal and less “corporate.” Guests love getting to know the real you behind the façade. As one of the best advertising firms in Dallas, we recommend you incorporate opportunities to showcase your employees on social media or on your website. Introduce the restaurant’s management in an email or on in-store signage. All of these things provide a personal touch that can be long-lasting.

Utilize Analytics

Analytic tools are there to help you better understand your customer base. We are always shocked to learn that many restaurants are not regularly using data to drive their business decisions. If you have this data, use it! Use it to identify who your key demographics are, what their interests are, and what makes them tick. These insights help direct the conversations you have with them and the way you communicate.

Include Guests in Celebrations Big & Small

Who doesn’t love cheering on their friend who great milestones happen? Whether it’s a restaurant anniversary, an employee-of-the-month shout out, or just an announcement about holiday specials, share them with your guests! You’ll be surprised at how many will cheer you on - and forge a deeper bond because of it.

Host Restaurant Events

The world is waking up and ready for events again! We’re seeing a huge uptick in event activity and this bodes well for restaurant events. Events are a great chance to include guests and forge a relationship with them. They’ll remember all the fun they had – and they’ll be back to dine again!

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