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10 Years of change - Happy anniversary FohBoh

Happy 10th FohBoh!

Maybe I'm just sentimental but 10 years is a big deal. We launched the same year Apple introduced the iPhone and smartphones changed our life. We launched when was still the leading social network. We launched before social network was being used for customer engagement and business communications; long before Slack and Instagram and snapchat. A lot happened in the last 10 years for all of us.

Other changes...well, they are considerable really. Consider streaming entertainment and transportation and sleeping in stranger's houses and catching rides in stranger's cars. Think about Google maps! Amazing changes and a financial crisis. There are just too many to list and yet FohBoh keeps plugging away as a foodservice digital media company bringing news, information and connections to a changing and maturing industry.

Technology is transforming the restaurant industry at a pace we never expected, leaving the laggards behind. The opportunity to engage, generate sales and be more operationally efficient can no longer be ignored. Solutions must be adopted to keep pace with the consumer.

Beginning 2017, we enter a new decade with hope and promises that bring new complexities and challenges. But the restaurant industry in many ways, remain the same. Raw ingredients come in the back door, customers in the front with the magic happening, by daypart, in the middle; light, on-demand manufacturing meets retail services allowing humans to engage in conversation, take a break from the day-to-day pressures of modern life and enjoy a meal prepared by a passionate restaurateur. Romantic as that may sound, this business is gotten tough and the next 10 years will bring unanticipated challenges and opportunities to leverage.

FohBoh will continue to do its part, informing and presenting new thinking and connecting innovators with operators, curating and aggregating relevant content so you don't have to. Thanks for being part of our life and we look forward to the next 10.


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